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A Digital Journey

I must admit that blogging was more difficult than I thought. Knowing that you have an audience of say, the whole word, makes you really think about what you write. You just can’t spew random thoughts and hope your audience can make sense of your ramblings. Earlier in my career, I was a corporate communications … Continue reading

The Joy of Lurking

I confess that I am a big-time online lurker. For me, it is a form of entertainment. A way to wind down and escape from a hectic life. It first began with The Knot, an online community for wedding planning. I initially participated to get information on local wedding vendors but it totally sucked me … Continue reading

My Promise to My Blog

Is blogging dead? I had to pose this question before I moved forward with my own blog.  Seeing some of the carnage with my own eyes, I had to ask. This has been an ongoing debate. Here are some numbers that support this theory. USA Today reported that more companies are abandoning their blogs in … Continue reading