A Digital Journey

I must admit that blogging was more difficult than I thought. Knowing that you have an audience of say, the whole word, makes you really think about what you write. You just can’t spew random thoughts and hope your audience can make sense of your ramblings. Earlier in my career, I was a corporate communications writer so I thought writing a blog would be easy. Was I wrong!  Blog writing is completely different than corporate communications writing in that it needs to have a personal touch.  There has to be a balance of well-written information and personality.  The blog has been a great exercise in learning to write clearly and concisely in a manner that keeps my audience interested. It was also a great opportunity to learn WordPress. I have not administered a content management system in a while and it felt good to re-use my skills again.

Our topics really did not surprise me since they did pertain to relevant subjects in digital marketing, but I have to say that the amount of peer-reviewed research and analysis about different areas of digital marketing and communications was a pleasant surprise.  It shows me that the medium is respected as a valid discipline worth studying and analyzing.

The last lesson, Challenges in the Digital Environment, Copyright & Privacy, (Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, West Virginia University, 2012), was my favorite because it really opened my eyes to how information is used and shared online. It is making me rethink the types of information I share socially and more importantly has showed me how networks like Facebook use my information.   As a parent, I am more aware of how marketers, like myself, target children and how I need to really teach my son how to use the Internet as he grows older.

All the lessons were a great primer for the remainder of the courses in the program and I am eager to embark on the rest. I have already applied some of the coursework in my professional career and the rest of the classes will help enhance my expertise.


Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism, West Virginia University. (2012). Assignment 9 – Challenges in a Digital Environment: Copyright, Privacy & Security. Retrieved from https://ecampus.wvu.edu


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